Organic Knit (Jersey) Bedding Collection

Did you know Organic Cotton is hypo-allergenic for your baby? Organic baby bedding is safer for your family and better for the environment, as traditional cotton farming accounts for 25% of the worlds pesticide use.

At Nuni you’ll find our line of unique baby bedding not only soft and comfortable for your baby, but extremely durable. Each item is tight knit, stronger, and more durable than the main stream brands you’ll find in stores today. We have also stitched our organic baby beddings so that there are no rough edges making it soft to the touch for your baby.

Many parents have discovered that organic baby bedding which is made of cotton fulfills is the best choice. As it is not only extremely comfortable, but is attractive and practical as well. 

Many of today’s bed linen manufactured for babies contains synthetic materials. These materials can irritate the skin resulting in rashes, which can cause great discomort for your baby.

At Nuni our products contain no synthetics and are made of pure organic cotton. They  are also not only safe and comfortable, but attractive too. The range include blankets, duvet covers, sheets, pillows, bumpers and more. 


For straightforward style, the Jersey Fitted Sheets are the ideal addition to your baby’s room. The fresh style fits in with the colour scheme of your baby’s room, and the 100%organic cotton fabric is unbeatably soft on delicate skin.
The Jersey Fitted Sheets are simple to clean at 40 degrees Celsius and they’re safe to tumble dry.
Lili pink/ Lili blue set with ruffels- This 100% organic soft knit cotton pillow case and duvet cover come packed in a decorated bag.


Mika set with beautiful soft lace- These ultra cozy and soft 100% organic Jersey Cotton sheets are sure to sooth the delicate skin of your baby. The pillow case and duvet cover set include a matching decorated bag.

Protective bumpers covering half a bed are made of 100% organic cotton fabric, which is stuffed with white sponge and double sewn for strength with zippers on the sides for easy access. Laundering is easy and convenient. Products come in in different calm colors including; blue, pink and white, contrast stipe.

Alma set with glamourus delicate ribbons- This 100% organic soft knit pillow case and duvet cover come packed in a elegant matching bag.

Babies and children love to touch and explore different textures and colors. At Nuni our beddings sets and bumpers provide the perfect environment for your baby to both develop and remain safe.

Sleep is extremely important for a childs development, with them needing around 12 hours sleep per day. Help to create a relaxing and peaceful sleep for your child by choosing soft organic knit bed linen.

These lovely bedding set’s made of pure and natural  fabric’s will add an elegant touch to your baby bedroom interior and will bring more luxury to yours and your baby everyday life.
Bedding sets include; one duvet cover and one pillowcase. Sheet separate.
Measuring: duvet cover 100 x 120cm (39,4 x 47,2 inch), pillowcase is 40 x 50cm (15,7 x 19,7 inch) and a sheet is 100 x 150cm (39,4 x 59 inch).
Machine wash, do not bleach. Ironing is not a necessity.


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 Trikotaaž orgaaniline voodipesu Trikotaaž orgaaniline voodipesu

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